Niccolò Mazzucco, Thomas Huet - North Central-Western Mediterranean watershed, 2021

Esecutore: Thomas Huet, Miriam Cubas, Juan F. Gibaja, Xavier Oms, Niccolò Mazzucco

Direzione scientifica: Niccolò Mazzucco

The NeoNet dataset collects all available, published, radiocarbon dates associated with the Late Mesolithic and Early Neolithic transition in the North Central-Western Mediterranean watershed. The dataset counts 2506 radiocarbon dates coming from 526 archaeological sites, and 1769 different archaeological records (stratigraphic units, structures, negative features, hearths, etc.). Among other fields, particular attention has been paid on the homogenisation of the laboratory code, the archaeological context, and the references, in order to facilitate further data extractions. The dataset integrates a datasheet of radiocarbon dates already published on the web. All radiocarbon dates have been individually revised, and many missing or erroneous information have been corrected.

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ll seguente Dataset deve essere citato:

Mazzucco et al. 2021, NeoNet radiocarbon database version 1, Pisa: MOD (doi: 10.13131/archelogicadata-yb11-yb66).

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